Healthcare freelance group breaks new ground

The Healthcare Freelance Group, which covers the Emap titles formerly owned by Macmillan Magazines, has been continuing to build its influence over the summer.

Freelance rates across the Emap health titles were discussed at a ground-breaking meeting between freelance group chair Frank Chalmers and Emap Health Care managing director Tim Brooks. The discussion, which was "free and frank" according to Chalmers, also touched on changes in terms and conditions on Therapy Weekly. (The freelance group is advising freelances not to accept shifts on Therapy if the rate offered is lower than that paid by the other Emap health titles.)

Copyright featured heavily in the discussion, and Brooks said he had asked the editors of Nursing Times and The Health Service Journal to "dust down" material arising from previous, stalled, discussions on copyright held between the freelance group and Macmillan. The two editors have been asked to come up with new proposals by the autumn.

The freelance group is also revising its proposals with the intention of proposing fresh talks on copyright before the end of the year. None of the contributors covered by the group has, so far, agreed to sign copyright forms issued by Emap Health Care.

Membership of the Healthcare Freelance Group is now approaching seventy and a recruitment drive is planned for the autumn to increase its coverage. To get in touch with the Healthcare Freelance Group, contact Frank Chalmers (chair) on 0171 354 5962; or Mike Cross (secretary) on 0171 359 2565 -- or send email to mike_cross@compuserve.com

Sep/Oct 1998
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