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Hazel Dunlop

Hazel Dunlop creates and documents modern, eye-catching bespoke visual imagery for a wide range of clients and subjects, e.g.: World Federation of Advertisers, CLIC Sargent, Women's Aid, Actors, Singers, Theatre, Music, Public Relations, Journalists, Writers and Trade Unions. Hazel has a great track record for the trade press. Skilled in portraiture and very confident in direction, management, working to tight deadlines and within budget. Her work is published in: Management Today, Human Resources, PRP magazine, The Times, Equity magazine and ITV. Prior to freelancing, Hazel worked on the picture desks of The European and The Independent newspapers as a picture researcher.

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Contact details:

Street: Malden Road
Town: Kentish Town
Postcode: NW5 4DA
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: LinkedIn |
Mobile: +44 (0)7815 300 903


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PhotographerRates: Photography
Picture researcherRates: Picture editing
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  • Arts/entertainment
  • Celebrities
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Film and theatre
  • Media
  • Music
  • Trade unions
  • Public relations

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Extra information:

Picture Research skills:

  • Commissioning photographers.
  • Researching images from a wide variety of sources, e.g. photo libraries, museum, company and photographers' archives.
  • Negotiating copyright licenses for newspapers, magazines, TV and books.
  • Handling invoices and other admin work.

Previously engaged by these picture desks:

  • Associated Press news agency - Freelance Photo Editor (2002-2005): Working on the International desk and dealing with UK domestic stories. Checking photo captions for accuracy and adhered to AP guidelines, editing images and ensuring pictures went out on the satellite wire feeds.
  • The Independent newspaper - Picture Researcher (1999-2000) responsible for current affairs, business and arts research.
  • The European newspaper - Assistant Picture Researcher (1997-1999) - and responsible for European Parliament news supplement research. Assisting the picture editor and other researchers. Also researching for Sunday Business and other publishing projects including the change from broadsheet format to compact format.
  • Associated Press news agency - Photo Librarian (1996-1997). Responsibilities included: uploading images to AP Internet Archive, negotiating copyright licenses according to AP guidelines.

Hazel Dunlop also has a full driving license and is a Registered Data Protection Act Controller.


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Claire Throssell Women's Aid Parliamentary Reception © Hazel Dunlop Claire Throssell Women's Aid Parliamentary Reception
Claire Throssell from Child First, guest speaker at the Women's Aid Parliamentary Reception, London, 2017. Photo © Hazel Dunlop (This is a lo-res image. Hi-res available from Hazel Dunlop)
Claire Throssell in Metro newspaper © Hazel Dunlop Claire Throssell in Metro newspaper
Metro Newspaper 2019. (This is a lo-res image. Hi-res available from Hazel Dunlop)
Claire Throssell in ITV Judge Rinder programme © Hazel Dunlop Claire Throssell in ITV Judge Rinder programme
ITV Judge Rinder Crime Series 3. Broadcast 2018. (This is a lo-res image. Hi-res available from Hazel Dunlop)