11 September 2002

All out in Rotherham!

National Union of Journalists members at the Rotherham Advertiser struck over pay from Saturday 24 August to Thursday 29 August.

Talks with the company on Friday 6 September were described as "constructive" and planned further strike action is suspended.

If further action is necessary, the chapel would obviously appreciate it if any freelances asked to cover at these titles were unavailable. Any freelances who suffer hardship while being unavailable should get in touch with the chapel: if you have trouble contacting them, contact the Freelance.

The chapel (workplace branch) called a solidarity demonstration for noon on the 24th outside the company's building on Fitzwilliam Road in Rotherham. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to bring your trade union and labour movement banners.

As far as we are aware no-one in the chapel earns the national average wage of £23,000. Most earn well below £20,000. The union members have turned down the company's offer of a 2.3 percent pay rise and voted 77 percent for strike action in a ballot.

Please send messages of support to phil@truner.demon.co.uk [stet]

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