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Uploaded: 15 September 2017

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. Read the disclaimer and see the key to exactly what the entries mean.

Publication / Programme - details & terms Group Year currency Basic fee Extras
i newspaper Subbing shift 14.15 to 21.30 _Johnsto 2017 GBP 140 GR
Online industry-specific magazine Writing and editing, agreed per day all rights 2017 GBP 600 O
Retail Week subbing shift 9:30 to 5:30 _EMAP 2017 GBP 160 GR O
Harrods Magazine Subbing shift 9:00 to 5:30 2017 GBP 150 GR O
NME Subbing day _AOLTW 2017 GBP 150 GR
Science publisher Editing 500 pages 2017 GBP 2000
Trade magazines subbing day 2017 GBP 150
Nature Subbing day _SpringV 2017 GBP 205.80 GR
WI Life subbing day 9am to 4pm 2017 GBP 180 O
Virgin TV mag Subbing day 9.30am to 5.30pm _Redwood 2017 GBP 160
Africa Confidential subbing day 2017 GBP 160
Shots magazine (Media Business Insight) subbing day 09:30-18:00 2016 GBP 160 GR
N magazine (Norwegian airlines inflight magazine) subbing day 09.30-18:00 _Ink 2016 GBP 140 GR
Corporate video video production, self-shooting _HMG 2016 GBP 300
i newspaper editing day - 8 hours _Johnsto 2016 GBP 150
Red Bulletin 7 hours (subbing or reporting?) 2016 GBP 150

The above are recent rates as of 15 September 2017.

Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication / Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EURcurrency
5 Amount paid for basic licence - e.g. first use in print: Basic fee
6 Paid for extra licences - web use, database resale... (no data pre Jun 2000) ...Extras
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it: ......GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement (more will be made soon): ......HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP500X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500300O

Other rates:

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Photography News Local Mag online Book PR Other
Broadcasting News Local Other including podcasting
Shifts News Local Mag online Book PR Other
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