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The National Union of Journalists publishes the Freelance Fees Guide to help freelance journalists and their clients negotiate.

The Fees Guide offers suggested rates based on an open market survey - the Rate for the Job.

Further, it offers a wealth of advice to freelance journalists on everything from tax requirements to chasing down those who infringe copyright: see below for the main advice headings.

And for those who need to commission freelances, every section of the Fees Guide is just one click away from listings of NUJ freelances with the right skills, from the NUJ Freelance Directory. Look up the rate, find a freelance: sorted.

We are constantly revising the Fees Guide rates and advice: please send comments and submit rates that you have been paid in the past year. If you have not read the Fees Guide for a while it is important that you read the introduction before going to the rates listings.


Follow the links below to go to the suggested rates for each kind of work. There you will find links to further advice.

And remember that if you want advice on your particular situation, it is important to join the NUJ!

* Photography / Magazines
* Photography / Public relations
* Photography / Corporate work
* Photography / National newspapers
* Photography / Regional newspapers
* Photography / Videography
* Photography / Books
* Photography / Broadcasting
* Photography / Online use of photos
* Print media / National newspapers
* Print media / Regional newspapers
* Print media / Magazines
* Print media / Books
* Broadcasting / BBC and national TV
* Broadcasting / Commercial radio
* Broadcasting / Programme support
* Public relations / Project fees
* Public relations / Writing and research
* Public relations / Editing and production
* Online/digital media / Editing and production
* Online/digital media / Writing and research
Advice for all freelance journalists
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* Uploaded 09/06/2323: if you have a printout, check the current version at www.londonfreelance.org/feesguide/WeAllRat.html
* Rates for the Job good, bad and ugly
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The National Union of Journalists must not, can not and would not wish to dictate rates or terms of engagement to members or to editors. The information presented here is for guidance and as an aid to equitable negotiation only.

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