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If you do not believe that crossword compilers do something close to journalism, try solving one of the more imaginative cryptic crosswords when the setter is in a topical mood...

Those who commission crosswords need to know that there is an enormous difference between the cryptic and the quick variety. Consider these two clues:

  • Refugee eels' fen - acid shuffle for useful tome (9,4,5)
  • Tells you what compiler's worth (9,4,5)

Setting clues of the first - cryptic - kind so that they are entertaining, challenging but (just) doable by the target audience takes much longer than simple definitions. Rates should be at least twice those for a quick crossword grid of the same size.

Compiling a themed crossword - for example one in which a significant proportion of the answers relate to a client's business or to a special occasion - takes considerably longer again.

Though software is now available to help create the grids and fill in the "lights" or solutions, it cannot help with clue-writing and is not much assistance with creative theming.

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