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Cryptic clues using anagrams, abbreviations, hidden words and so on take much longer to create than simple definition-type clues.

Add at least a 50 per cent surcharge for themed crosswords.

The suggested rates

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Please note that the suggested rates below are minima; that rates for copyright works are for limited licences; and that VAT is not included.

category: A: large-circulation and glossy mags
Over 15x15 squares GBP 300.00
15x15 squares and under GBP 240.00
category: B: smaller consumer mags
Over 15x15 squares GBP 210.00
15x15 squares and under GBP 130.00
category: C: larger trade and trade union mags
Over 15x15 squares GBP 214.00
15x15 squares and under GBP 134.00
category: D: smaller mags
Over 15x15 squares GBP 140.00
15x15 squares and under GBP 125.00
National newspapers
Extra large (eg 21x21 squares) GBP 500.00
Over 15x15 squares GBP 210.00
15x15 squares and under GBP 160.00
Public relations
category: High budget
15x15 squares and under GBP 215.00
Public relations
category: Low budget
15x15 squares and under GBP 140.00
Regional newspapers
15x15 squares and under GBP 100.00


  • Compilers should charge more if they are commissioned by a group of papers and the crossword will be used by several titles.
  • Negotiate a higher fee for crosswords that will be exclusive to one client.
  • Clients who want compilers to provide explanations for readers should negotiate an additional fee, probably by the hour.
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