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As well as doing creative design, designers are often required to create templates and to set styles for sub-editors to use for lay-out purposes. Particularly when contracting for such work, it is important to be clear that the rate agreed covers meetings, revisions and debugging of the templates.

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The suggested rates (Know a better rate? tell us!)
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Jacket + cover design: producing rough and final artwork project fee GBP 500.00
Creative design and visuals: original page layout, styling copy to page, specifications and type style, producing templates per hour GBP 37.50
Design management: From initial design to print per hour GBP 37.50
Page make-up: marking up copy to style, page layout, checking proofs, preparing artwork, mark-ups for printer per hour GBP 26.00
Magazines category: A-B: glossy and consumer mags
Day rate - negotiate from GBP 185.00
Magazines category: C-D: trade and cheap specialist mags
Day rate - negotiate from GBP 175.00
Public relations
Day rate - negotiate from GBP 215.00
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