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Book authors, illustrators and translators are also entitled to payments for lending of their work by libraries. UK law says you are entitled to Public Lending Right (PLR) payments because you are the author.

To get paid, you have to register.

In the UK, PLR is quite separate from copyright. The payments are calculated from a survey of selected libraries, extrapolated statistically.

To be sure of receiving this money, authors should register with Public Lending Right UK: see the link below. The "PLR year" runs from July to the end of June, with payment in November for titles registered by 30 June.

You can and should register parts of books as well as whole books - your chapter, photo or illustration.

In August 2021 the payment worked out at 9.55p per loan. Payments are capped at £6600 per author. This rate is reviewed annually: the government sets a budget and it is shared among registered authors.

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