Illustrations and cartoons

Please note that the suggested rates below are minima; that rates for copyright works are for limited licences; and that VAT is not included. See notes on negotiating rates and *find a freelance

The fees suggested below are for the right to publish the work once. Charge extra for additional rights. See Rights and why they are important.

The Association of Illustrators has conducted surveys that in many instances find higher rates than these. The results are currently available only to AoI members.

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The suggested rates (Know a better rate? tell us!)
For full definitions of the categories, click on their names
* See also: reported rates, to compare: Illustrations and cartoons
Books category: A: UK only

The cost of a licence to reproduce an illustration in a book depends on the territories in which it will be sold - click on the category names for definitions of these.

Book jackets GBP 330.00
3/4 page GBP 110.00
>1/2 page GBP 100.00
1/4 page GBP 75.00
1/8 page GBP 70.00
Books category: B: UK and Commonwealth bar Canada
Book jackets GBP 380.00
3/4 page GBP 130.00
>1/2 page GBP 110.00
1/4 page GBP 85.00
1/8 page GBP 80.00
Books category: C: one language world rights bar USA
Book jackets GBP 410.00
3/4 page GBP 140.00
>1/2 page GBP 120.00
1/4 page GBP 100.00
1/8 page GBP 95.00
Books category: D: all Europe, or USA, etc
Book jackets GBP 550.00
3/4 page GBP 185.00
>1/2 page GBP 150.00
1/4 page GBP 130.00
1/8 page GBP 115.00
Books category: E: world rights all languages
Book jackets GBP 600.00
3/4 page GBP 210.00
>1/2 page GBP 200.00
1/4 page GBP 150.00
1/8 page GBP 130.00
RATES: Commissions
Magazines category: A: large-circulation and glossy mags

Magazine rates also fall into categories - bands determined by the budget of the mag, which is loosely related to what it charges for advertising.

Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 140.00
Minimum per image GBP 115.00
RATES: Commissions
Magazines category: B: smaller consumer mags
Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 130.00
Minimum per image GBP 95.00
RATES: Commissions
Magazines category: C: larger trade and trade union mags
Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 130.00
Minimum per image GBP 95.00
RATES: Commissions
Magazines category: D: smaller mags
Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 115.00
Minimum per image GBP 75.00
National newspapers category: Newspapers
Feature strip GBP 180.00
One column GBP 115.00
National newspapers category: Newspaper supplements
Feature strip GBP 125.00
One column GBP 95.00
Public relations category: High budget
Full page GBP 500.00
3/4 page GBP 450.00
1/2 page GBP 400.00
1/4 page GBP 300.00
Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 180.00
Single frame larger than 100 sq cm GBP 160.00
Single frame up to 100 sq cm GBP 115.00
Public relations category: Low budget
Full page GBP 450.00
3/4 page GBP 380.00
1/2 page GBP 340.00
1/4 page GBP 240.00
Feature strip up to 4 frames GBP 160.00
Single frame larger than 100 sq cm GBP 140.00
Single frame up to 100 sq cm GBP 95.00
Regional newspapers category: Regional daily newspapers
Feature strip GBP 115.00
One column GBP 65.00
Regional newspapers category: Weekly/local newspapers


  • Rates paid by many local and free newspapers are too low for the NUJ to recommend that members carry out this work.
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