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Advice - Photography / Digital pricing

For both photographer and client, digital technology can produce results that are better - but not cheaper. The main advantage at every stage in digital workflow, from taking the pictures through processing, transmission, picture research and page make up to archiving and retrieval, is speed and efficiency.

But however much tecnhology you put in the hands of a non-photograher, it is foolish to expect them to produce consistently professional photographs.

Clients tend not to see the high investment and running costs necessary for digital production. Photographers face investment in cameras which are seem to be ever more expensive but have shorter working lives, computer equipment and software capable of working to the highest colour management standards but requiring equally rapid replacement, the time involved in producing colour-corrected press-ready digital files.

These costs have to be met with digital pricing.

These costs are listed under Production Charges and Expenses.

Avoid the practice that some picture desks promote, of handing over the entire contents of a camera card for the commission fee - commonly referred to in justly unflattering terms as a "Dump and Run". This is a false saving for them, as they wade through the inevitable dud frames.

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