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The Freelance Fees Guide is designed and tested for use on mobile devices. This also means that it should also be ideally configured for accessibility, including screen reader programs.

Text size

We strongly recommend that users who need to enlarge text on any website install either the free Mozilla (FireFox) web browser or the equally free Opera web browser program. See the links below.

In recent Windows versions of either of these, hold down the Ctrl key and hit the + key to increase the text size.

On a Mac, hold down the Command key, formerly known as the Apple key, and hit +.

Repeat until the text is large enough.

Screen readers

We have attempted to design all pages with a minimum of "clutter" - so that you hear useful content straight away.

We recommend using Firefox with "style" set to None (under the View menu). Doing this moves all the navigational gubbins to the bottom of the page.

Feedback is very welcome - please email your comments to

Access keys?

We decided not to implement "access keys" - because of the irritation caused when they override browser program keyboard shortcuts.


We follow World Wide Web Consortium standards as far as practicable and are working toward making the Fees Guide fully compliant. (The remaining gaps are merely technical and do not affect screen or audio presentation.)

More advice and links...
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