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Commission rates vary from £300 to over £500. The higher price includes non-exclusive world rights for one title. For the right for subsequent re-use in a new edition, charge 50-75% extra.

The more territories a book will be marketed in, the higher the fee. Our categories A-E for stock pictures give examples of common territorial licences.

Note that these rates do not include production charges!

The suggested rates

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Please note that the suggested rates below are minima; that rates for copyright works are for limited licences; and that VAT is not included.

RATES: Commissions
Day rate GBP 330.00
With non-exclusive world rights for one title GBP 550.00
With right to re-use in a subsequent edition GBP 825.00


  • Rates quoted are for use in one title only. For use in a different title, add at least 50 per cent to the rate if the day's shoot is to be used again.
  • If individual pictures are to be re-used, appropriate stock picture rates for these uses will at least provide a guide in negotiations if the client wants an all-in price .
RATES: Stock pictures
category: A: UK only
Wrap GBP 530.00
Cover GBP 290.00
Back GBP 220.00
Double-page GBP 220.00
Full page GBP 145.00
3/4 page GBP 115.50
1/2 page GBP 88.00
1/4 page GBP 71.50
1/8 page GBP 66.00
RATES: Stock pictures
category: B: UK and Commonwealth bar Canada
Wrap GBP 540.00
Cover GBP 310.00
Double-page GBP 264.00
Back GBP 242.00
Full page GBP 154.00
3/4 page GBP 121.00
1/2 page GBP 104.50
1/4 page GBP 82.50
1/8 page GBP 77.00
RATES: Stock pictures
category: C: one language world rights bar USA
Wrap GBP 583.00
Cover GBP 352.00
Back GBP 297.00
Double-page GBP 286.00
Full page GBP 176.00
3/4 page GBP 132.00
1/2 page GBP 115.50
1/4 page GBP 93.50
1/8 page GBP 88.00
RATES: Stock pictures
category: D: all Europe, or USA, etc
Wrap GBP 605.00
Cover GBP 429.00
Double-page GBP 385.00
Back GBP 330.00
Full page GBP 231.00
3/4 page GBP 176.00
1/2 page GBP 143.00
1/4 page GBP 121.00
1/8 page GBP 110.00
RATES: Stock pictures
category: E: world rights all languages
Wrap GBP 638.00
Cover GBP 484.00
Double-page GBP 385.00
Back GBP 374.00
Full page GBP 253.00
3/4 page GBP 198.00
1/2 page GBP 176.00
1/4 page GBP 143.00
1/8 page GBP 132.00


  • The size of the print-run is also important in negotiating a fee for stock pictures. Rates quoted are an industry average for print runs of 50,000 or fewer.
  • Changes in printing technology are making small and frequent print-runs or editions more common. It is important to specify that a licence covers one edition and that a new licence is required for subsequent runs or editions.
  • At least one photographer offers a discount of 10% on these rates for runs below 5000 copies.
  • Add 10% for print runs up to 100,000; at least 20% for print runs up to 250,000.
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