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Photography / Production charges / exes

Photographers should always remember to check that new clients agree to pay expenses, before setting out. Some expect the price to be all-in, or believe travel is free, or something.

The suggested rates

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Please note that the suggested rates below are minima; that rates for copyright works are for limited licences; and that VAT is not included.

RATES: Digital production charges

See production charges / expenses - advice for explanation of these digital production charges.

Rushed processing: add 100.00%
High resolution colour corrected file (whether from digital original or scanned from film) GBP 16.50
Bulk processing images: per hour GBP 110.00
Bulk processing images minimum charge: per hour GBP 66.00
Wiring selected but uncorrected ex-camera files GBP 55.00
Digital transmission GBP 22.00
Contact sheet (in print or on the web) GBP 22.00
Writing to CD/DVD GBP 11.00


  • London labs charge at least £100 an hour for work on digital photographs. £60 really is as low as anyone should go for digital processing.
RATES: Film production charges
Rushed processing: add 100.00%
Colour transparency film processed and mounted GBP 27.50
Black & White film process and contact sheet GBP 22.00
Colour film process and contact sheet GBP 24.00
Black & white hand print (10"x8") first off neg. GBP 11.00
Black & white hand print: subsequent prints GBP 9.90
Colour hand print (10"x8") first off neg GBP 22.00
Colour hand print: subsequent prints GBP 11.00
Colour machine print (10"x8") GBP 13.75
RATES: Lost originals
Lost original GBP 550.00
Unrepeatable image GBP 1100.00
Lost film GBP 5500.00


  • The figures given above for lost originals are those frequently agreed out of court with clients.
  • If a claim went to court, the photographer would have to prove actual and predictable losses - for example the anticipated value of six further licences for one picture.
RATES: Travel expenses etc
Car mileages - reduced HMRC allowance GBP 0.45
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