Being a freelance offers freedom to those who choose it - but also responsibility for tasks that employed journalists can leave to their employers, from negotiating contracts to dealing (eventually) with government bureaucracies.

The sections listed below offer advice on these matters.

General advice for all freelances
* Rights and why they are important: Moral rights
* Rights and why they are important: Responding to rights grabs
* Rights and why they are important: Shift payments and copyright
* Rights and why they are important: Syndication and spin-off rights
* Tracking down pirates: Effective searching for text
* Tracking down pirates: Finding photos and illustrations
* Tracking down pirates: Getting remedies
* Tracking down pirates: Locating website owners
* Tracking down pirates: Once you have found a rip-off...
* Tracking down pirates: Takedown
Advice tailored for photographers
* Negotiating rates and rights: Search fees
* Copyright: Moral rights
More advice and links...
* Glossary of terms and categorisations
* Rates for the Job good, bad and ugly
* Join the NUJ to get individual advice & representation

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The National Union of Journalists must not, can not and would not wish to dictate rates or terms of engagement to members or to editors. The information presented here is for guidance and as an aid to equitable negotiation only.

Suggestions apply to contracts governed by UK law only. In any event, nothing here should be construed as legal advice.