Photographers snap to www.epuk.org

PHOTOGRAPHERS are organising on epuk (Editorial Photographers UK). That's not a typo, it's the first email discussion group for all editorial photographers in Britain & Ireland to campaign for better terms & conditions.

No film & developer combinations. No advertising work. No Mac/PC wars. Just the business of editorial photography.

No amateur enthusiasts. No students. No picture editors. Just full time editorial photographers.

Messed-up EPUK logo

It is open to all including NUJ members, AoP members, BAPLA members, members of any organisation or none. Anyone working in Britain & Ireland, or for the British & Irish markets, whatever their nationality, wherever they live. We already have members in New York, Moscow, London and Dublin.

There are potentially several thousand members in our islands alone, and thousands more around the world. It has never before been possible for all these photographers to plan day by day how to change their working lives.

Email communication is the most effective way of exchanging information and ideas, and lifting the "profession" to a higher level of business skill and professional working methods.

Email campaigning is the most powerful way to prevent publishers dividing and ruling a workforce that is predominantly freelance, geographically disparate, and increasingly international.

Editorial Photo (EP), the email group combatting mainly US publishers, demonstrated this dramatically last year (1999) by increasing rates at Business Week by around 25 per cent on average, and up to 50 per cent.

Now we can do it here. Go to www.epuk.org.

Jan/Feb 2000
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