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Your report "Emap Wealthcare" in the Nov/Dec issue of the Freelance was inaccurate. The idea that a publication the size of Nursing Times can survive without using any freelance help is ridiculous.

To put the record straight: there has been no discussion of us not using any freelance cover. There may be less, for reasons which have already been made plain to our regular freelancers.

The £147 day rate was not "won" when the NUJ had recognition at the title. The rate was agreed by Peter Davies, editor of HSJ, and myself, after Emap had bought our titles and after the company derecognised the union. Do not claim credit where it is not due. We were not subjected to management diktats.

Good freelancers will continue to gain work with us, at one of the most competitive rates in the business.

Jan/Feb 2000
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