NUJ to host © summit

HOW CAN journalists' organisations build on legal successes like the win over the New York Times and Mead Data Central, reported in the October Freelance?

To help work out some answers, the NUJ is hosting an international conference of journalists' unions, in London from 14 to 16 June 2000. The meeting itself is intended to be a concentrated debate among experienced union activists and officers.

In order to have as many organisations as possible present without an infinite budget, there will probably be a maximum of two representatives from each organisation. The organising committee includes General Secretary John Foster, National Writers Union president Jonathan Tasini, Hans Verpflug of the Netherlands Union of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists Authors' Rights Expert Group (AREG).

We'd very much welcome written input from all members. Contact Freelance editor Mike Holderness, who is also the NUJ's representative on AREG.

Jan/Feb 2000
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