Inquiry for Harry Stanley

"I'D LIKE to speak to you about the shooting of my brother." This was not the standard introduction to a Branch meeting. Jim Stanley had the full attention of the March LFB meeting.

In September last year Harry Stanley had eighteen inches of intestine removed because of cancer. On the 22nd, Harry picked up a coffee-table leg to mend it. On his way to his Hackney home he stopped for a half of lemonade. Someone in the pub called police claiming the wrapped-up leg was a gun.

Twenty yards from his front door Harry heard, according to police reports, two shouts of "armed police!" "Anyone who was fit might have looked over their shoulder," Jim said, "but Harry was cut from here to here..." He turned round and was "shot once in the hand and once dead-centre in the temple," Jim said. "His body was left uncovered for four hours."

The family, with the Justice for Harry Stanley Campaign, is demanding a full inquiry, independent of any police force, into what happened. The Branch voted to support this campaign.

After repeated calls, referred to three divisions of the Metropolitan Police, the Freelance was able to obtain only the comment that an inquiry by the Surrey Constabulary is in progress.

Justice for Harry Stanley campaign
PO Box 29644
London E2 8TS

May/Jun 2000
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