AS A MEMBER of the NUJ myself I am well aware of the debates surrounding copyright, in particular, in relation to electronic publishing. It was always our aim on Healthlines to establish a suitable working arrangement that would be acceptable both to our freelance journalists and photographers and to the former Health Education Authority as a public sector organisation.

At no time did we ask for copyright, but for a three-month licence to post some of the copy from Healthlines on our various websites in the public interest. We were keen to negotiate terms that would be acceptable to our journalists and within our own limited budget. We decided to pay an extra 10% for this license as a result of discussions with a number of our contributors, rather than the Healthcare Freelance Group per se.

Ed: Thank you, and glad the non-negotiations worked.

Optimum Optimus!

MY PUBLISHER, Optimus, has just agreed to delete an all-rights clause from my contract as editor of a new magazine called Education Law Update. I insisted on this and said that I wanted the same for all contributors. Optimus are really reasonable, once you explain why you want something. They also pay within 7 days of receiving invoice, no arguments.

May/Jun 2000
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