VNU sees sense - in France

VNU is the magazine publisher which did most to kick off the Authors' Rights campaign in the UK, with its 1995 attempt to force freelance contributors to sign over all rights in their work, so that it could re-use that work in new electronic editions for no extra payment.

Now it's struck a deal to manage extra payments for using French journalists' work online. The deal is with the wonderfully-acronymed collecting society SCAM (Societé Civile des Auteurs Multimedia) and SESAM, an association of other collecting societies.

VNU will make payments to the collecting societies in respect of the on-line editions of several computing titles, including Network News, Computer Reseller News and Informatique. The societies will distribute money to French journalists.

A joint statement (back on 21 December) said that all parties "hope that this agreement will inspire others who are currently in negotiation or approaching it. After the time of turbulence, now is the time to talk." We do hope VNU in the UK and the US will take note of the sentiment.

June    2000
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