Jul 2000
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Use a letter like this to resist the bandits:

Dear Editor

As you may be aware, your copyright assignment form/letter/contract goes against the spirit of the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

Freelances like me are only able to trade legally if we retain ownership of our work. As you will know, it is common practice for writers and photographers to issue publishers with licenses for their specified publication needs. Publishers need to make separate arrangements and additional payments for repeated uses of material or any form of syndication  these rights are not automatic.

I am happy to discuss your needs with respect to my material and appropriate fees. In the absence of such an agreement I am prepared to offer you a licence for one use only in [name of publication]. This does not cover re-use, electronic publication in any form, or syndication.

Yours sincerely

Freelance NUJ member

If you need further help or advice about rights grabs please contact the freelance organiser or legal officer Claire Kirby at Acorn House; or Seamus Dooley at NUJ Ireland.


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