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AS YOU'LL see from the motions for the extra August meeting, the Branch is debating a letter-writing campaign to raise politicians' awareness of authors' rights. This will, the Freelance hopes, be focused on specific legislative questions, like the changes in UK law made necessary by the recent European Union Directive.

Most politicians, though, know very little about the issues. We need your help in the first step of their education. The Branch Committee asks you to write to your own MPs - or TDs if you live in the Irish Republic - now, telling them of your experiences with rights-grabbing publishers. Tell them what happened, why you are resisting, why you feel under pressure, and how unbalanced and unfair you find the negotiations to be. Ask them to raise the issue with the Department of Trade and Industry, and ask them to forward the DTI's response.

If you don't know who your MP is, ask the Freelance. Please send a copy of your letter to the Freelance, in email, by fax to 020 7278 1812, or by post c/o Head Office.

Aug/Sep 2000
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