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FLESHMEET. Not nearly as messy as it sounds, this is just one of the names given in online discussions to a meeting under the F2F protocol (face-to-face). And we're having one, in collaboration with NUJ Central London Branch, on 14 October, probably at the TUC building.

The agenda is still under discussion, but the goal is clear: to work out how to offer better service to journalists who work in online media, whether staff or freelance. Some may think of themselves as "Web-monkeys" or HTML hacks, but what they do is just as much journalism as a page sub-editor arranging carbon on mashed tree. And, of course, increasing amounts of writing and photography are destined for the virtual world.

So put the date in your diary, scheduling program, knotted hanky, quipu or other device now.

Aug/Sep 2000
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