The Trireme Award...

A trireme
Photo © John Illsley of the Trireme Trust

...is given to the publication which best fits the description "worst rate since the last time I was chained to the oars in a trireme" This month it goes to wcities.com, which responded to a freelance query thusly:

Thank you for your interest in wcities.com. We are definitely looking for team members - freelance writers and photographers in X. I think I should firstly tell you our pay rates: Per review - 70-100 words = £2.85; Per City Guide (only 11 to do) - 600-850 words = £51.30. Scanned photos are £3.25, unscanned are £2.53.

OUCH. For those rates, you can't even afford to walk to the city in question. Let alone row.

Aug/Sep 2000
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