Irish regional freelances network

FREELANCES who supply national newspapers and radio in Ireland are forming a network. Their inaugaural meeting, held in Portlaoise in May, was initiated by a group who knew of each other informally and gained the full support of the Liberty Hall NUJ office in Dublin, with both Seamus Dooley and Eoin Roynane attending and speaking.

It spent some time discussing The Examiner and its use of Ireland's Competition Act as a way of not negotiating with the union about freelances. It is the only "national" newspaper using this argument. The rates it pays - £30-50 for a front page - came in for vitriolic comments.

Another issue that causes concern was copyright and the web. The meeting decided that all freelancers should build up a library of their material that has appeared on the web. This will be used in claims.

Efforts are underway to hold another meeting in October. Freelances who do not work shifts on a regular basis and who do not work part-time are welcome. Contact NUJ Ireland.

Oct 2000
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