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and profit!

MAKE SURE that the NUJ can contact you when there's news about publications and programmes you work for. Simply visit www.gn.apc.org/media/linkup.php and answer the easy questions!

And remember that there may be cash waiting for you! NUJ members who write are entitled to free registration with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS). This body distributes payments for "secondary uses" of work - photocopying in Germany and so on. Contact the Freelance Office for a form to fill in - we need to do it on paper because we need an actual signature to authorise ALCS to act on your behalf.

And the ByLine online syndication service is re-launching. To do that, it needs a bigger stock of excellent articles. You have nothing to lose: the article bank was created especially to protect your authors' rights. If you've already registered with ALCS, you can register to upload your articles at www.universalbyline.com/password2.html - and you can also download the ALCS registration form there.

Photographers and illustrators needn't feel left out. You're equally entitled to free registration with DACS, the Designers' and Artists' Copyright Society.

Nov 2000
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