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LEADING freelance activist Kevin Cooper was honoured by the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions when they nominated him to the new Civic Forum in Northern Ireland. Kevin, who is the NUJ National Executive (NEC) member for freelances, attended the first meeting of the Civic Forum on Monday 9 October. Kevin's appointment was welcomed by a number of freelance activists.

Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper © Kevin Cooper
"Kevin's intelligence and high principles have always shone though his work within the NUJ," said Tim Dawson, chair of the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council.

"The trade union movement has a vital contribution to make to the development of a non-sectarian future for Northern Ireland, so the appointment of an NUJ activist to this key role in the Civic Forum is great news," said Joyce McMillan, chair of the new NUJ Copyright Committee. "Kevin's long experience of focusing on real industrial issues as an NUJ representative will be of great help in developing the practical work of the Forum. I am a council member of the Scottish Civic Forum, and I hope that the two bodies will be able to work together productively in future, on areas of common concern."

At the first Forum meeting Kevin called for "all Civic Forum meetings and its committees to be opened to the public and the media". He also said "The Civic Forum's role should be one of facilitating debate, providing criticism and comment, to seek wide and diverse views, support new and radical thinking, research into problems and to draft reports with recommendations. "If the Civic Forum is to be successful and do a useful job," he continued, "it must be properly financed and resourced". He pointed out to the meeting that financing is a problem for Scotland's Civic Forum.

The trade union group met at the end of the Forum meeting and Kevin was elected its convenor and nominated to the Forum policy sub-committee.

Kevin is one of seven put forward by Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. He thanks the NUJ NEC for nominating him.

Nov 2000
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