Training opportunities - act now!

Every NUJ member in the UK could be eligible for up to £150 towards training - but you need to be quick!

Her Brittanic Majesty's Government has made Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs) a central part of its "lifelong learning" strategy, aimed at encouraging mid-career training. If you are 19 or over you can open an ILA and if you are one of the first million people to do so you will receive: a contribution of up to £150 discount off the cost of learning when you contribute £25 of your own money; 20% off the cost of a wide range of courses; 80% off the cost of some courses; and information on all the courses you can get help with.

The NUJ has been accredited as a government-approved training provider and has been allocated ILAs worth £150,000, which means 1000 members can now apply for NUJ-run courses for as little as £25 for professional, high-quality training.

Once your ILA has been registered, part of it may be used in payment of one NUJ-run course, or in payment for a combination of courses. Alternatively, you may use part of your ILA towards an NUJ-run course and the remainder towards a course run by another ILA Provider.

Apply directly to the NUJ, not HMG. Be sure to enclose: your Membership Number; your postal address; and contact telephone numbers. Write to Carmel Bedford c/o Head Office, or with subject "Individual Learning Accounts"

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