YARG at IPC! Link up now!

SORRY, it's Yet Another Rights Grab. Everything went quiet at IPC Magazines when it was bought by Cinven - also known as the Coal Board Pension Fund - from Reed-Elsevier - a.k.a. the Beezelbub of authors' rights. There were even some friendly noises.

But members on at least some IPC publications have been receiving unfriendly texts. If you work for Melody Maker or (still) for Uncut, get in touch with London Freelance Branch now. You can emaill the Freelance editor or you can leave a note at any unearthly post-gig hour you choose by visiting the web page www.gn.apc.org/media/linkup.php

And if you've had a letter from any other IPC Media title claiming that it owns your notes, transcripts, soul, etc - we want to hear about that too. Drop us a line or just fax it to the Freelance Office.

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