Get in the new Freelance Directory

The NUJ will shortly launch a new edition of the Freelance Directory. Trees will rejoice: now that practically all editors have Web access, this edition is distributed on 100% recycled electrons, on the Web.

Everyone with an entry in the previous Directory has been transferred to the new edition for a free trial period. But you need to act now to keep your entry there.

A basic entry costs £10 for two years. If you want us to add artwork and a longer description to your entry, it's £20. Freelance Industrial Council has completely redesigned the database to meet members' needs. So once you've renewed your entry you will get a password allowing you securely to update your own details any time.

The Directory is the biggest source for editors wanting to contact freelances in the UK and Ireland. And because it is open only to NUJ members, it is by far the most reliable. Make sure that the editors working next to the one you work for know about it! And, if you have your own Web pages, help make the visibility of the NUJ Freelance Directory on the World-Wide Web match its status by adding a link to it. For instructions on linking directly from your page to your own entry, email

Go to the new Directory at and book your entry now.

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