Muzik pickz your pocketz

Do you do work for IPC's (remaining) music papers? Freelances are organising to resist Yet Another Rights Grab. The company was, last we heard, waiting to see what the response was by the deadline of 30 March. So it's important that you register your objection right now even if your Freelance got held up in the ninth-class post.

At least one member has objected and been reassured that they will continue to be commissioned and that "special terms" can be worked out. We're all special, so we all want that fair deal...

The company's been trying a new wrinkle - the "reverse web scam". They commission stories for the papers' websites, at between £50 and £120 a throw regardless of length. Then they copy them over to the paper for - you guessed - no extra fee. And they've extended this shady practice to reviewers - those outside the UK, so far.

Get in touch now through the freelance office or this easy form.

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