Make More Money

OY, come back, this isn't email, it's not a dodgy pyramid scheme, and you'll notice the "Delete" key doesn't work hereabouts. You can make more money and we can help.

The key is in negotiating with clients. And the NUJ is laying on a course to help you do that better, with tutors Humphrey Evans and Phil Sutcliffe. Its next outing is on 11 May at Acorn House. It's £60 to members, and you can reduce this to £25 by getting an Independent Learning Allowance from Her Majesty's Government via the NUJ.

To book, write to Linda King at Acorn House or email and for more details call Humphrey Evans on 020 7281 1442.

The next "Getting Started as a freelance" course is on 27 October and costs £30.

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