Ignite! smouldering nicely

"VERY CONSTRUCTIVE" consultations are taking place between IPC's music brand and its freelances, over new contracts. The brand produces the magazines and websites Muzik, NME, nme.com and Uncut. It's part of the wider "Ignite!" brand, which also produces Loaded and Later - slogan "settling down can be fun".

Following that maxim, it had tried to say to freelances "what's yours is ours" - see the last Freelance. Though company policy forbids formal contact with the union, brand managers are keen to find a solution through consultation with actual freelances. The Freelance understands that very many of the most experienced and valued contributors are resisting the terms. That means they'll be a bit stuck for copy, since superior management set deadlines of 31 March, and 13 April for overseas contributors, after which they are not allowed to commission freelances until their "rights situation has been clarified".

The situation will almost certainly change while this is in press - go to www.freelancenews.org to check for updates. And if you work for any part of IPC, do get in touch so we can keep you updated directly. Call, or visit the "Link up" link on the Web page above.

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