Bookseller signs a deal

THE FIRST agreement signed by John Toner as the new Freelance Organiser, in April, was with the Bookseller. It marked, unusually, a congenial resolution of a copyright issue. When Nicholas Clee, Editor of the Bookseller, was faced last summer with the need to establish a contract with contributors over copyright use, he approached the union. Bernie Corbett, in one of his last acts as freelance organiser before leaving to become General Secretary of the Writers' Guild, met him and drew up with him a suggested contract, with a fee based on a non-exclusive licence for one use in a printed edition of the Bookseller, and an additional fee of 5 per cent to cover other specific uses, such as publication on the magazine's web-site

After a number of discussions, that contract was placed before Freelance Industrial Council and finally agreed in the spring of this year. It was a reassuring demonstration of what can be done with good will on both sides.

Anyone wishing to see the contract should get in touch with John Toner at the Freelance Office.

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