Ukraine murder mystery

ON 16 SEPTEMBER last year 31-year-old journalist Georgy Gongadze, publisher of the Internet journal Ukrainska Pravda (, disappeared. On 25 May this year Ukraine's chief prosecutor, Mykhailo Potebenko, told parliament that the case of the murdered opposition journalist is unsolved - contradicting earlier official statements that police had found that Gongadze was killed by two known criminals who were themselves later shot dead.

Most Ukrainians believe Gongadze was killed by order of Ukraine president Leonid Kuchma. A tape recording, apparently of Kuchma talking to ministers about the need to do away with Gongadze, was produced by a former presidential security guard at a press conference late last year, triggering a national political crisis.

One of Gongadze's colleagues will, we hope, visit London in early September as a guest of the London freelance branch. If you can help organise the visit, contact Simon Pirani on 020 8333 2152 or email

Ukrainska  Pravda
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