Touch of the Untouchables?

MEMBER Michael Gillard told the July meeting how he and Laurie Flynn came to stop being investigative journalists at the Guardian. They had worked for many months on allegations about "The Untouchables", the anti-corruption unit at New Scotland Yard. They say that a letter from the Yard to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, claiming that Gillard and Flynn were under investigation for serious offences, constituted pressure not to publish.

Rusbridger says that "the sad truth... is that after all this money, time, work and support the main corruption story they produced was simply unpublishable." The letter from the Met, he says, deputy Paul Johson "put in a file and did not respond... It was forgotten about."

Laurie and Shaun's account is at ("not acolytes of the Chairman, but ironic Belgians") - but we can't find Rusbridger's online.

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