Radio gaga

DON'T PUT your daughter on the radio, Mrs Worthington. She may starve, especially if she's trying to get experience in local radio after leaving college.

Anne was offered five days' work by a station in the South-West - at £50 a day. But she was expected to pay for the 500-kilometre round trip to the station, and to wait around for two days between shifts unpaid - a new variant on the split shift.

Now she has a job at another station in the same group. We use the term "job" loosely: it pays £10,000 a year for five nine-hour shifts most weeks, plus one weekend in four for free.

Bill wrote on the day he left Fusion FM in Oxford. They paid £60 for a split shift. That included him gathering, writing and reading the news on his own from early afternoon until 6pm.

Cathy thinks that were luxury. She was getting £40 for weekend shifts in the South-East, and £50 on weekdays. Clearly the interesting innovation of an unsocial hours downlift means they don't want people with lives.

Just say "no", kids. You know it makes sense.

  • Names have been changed to protect the disemployed.
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