Thank you...

Thank you for highlighting the deal between freelance photographers and Business am in Edinburgh (September Freelance). The support of the NUJ in general and Tim Dawson, Chair of the Freelance Industrial Council, in particular has been of immeasurable help. The agreement shows that wise heads can prevail in disputes over copyright and related issues of re-use of commissioned photographs.

I would also like to highlight the role played by SNAP, the Scottish Newspapers Association of Photographers, which was formed one year ago to help and support snappers from across Scotland working in what is an ever-changing industry. SNAP is supported by the NUJ and continues to fight injustices and bad practice and is open to all photographers working in Scotland.

May I express the gratitude of snappers who have received financial and/or moral support from London Freelance Branch members during the on-going dispute with The Scotsman Publications Limited.

Your help is very much appreciated.

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