Freelance sues over detention

Jugglers at Oxford Circus

Juggling the time away in the "kettle" in Oxford Circus on May Day 2001. But some of us had work to do...

LONDON Freelance Branch member Julio Etchart is suing the Metropolitan Police for being detained in Oxford Circus for five hours on May Day this year. It meant he missed even a New York deadline by two hours. And he is not the only journalist to say he has been deprived of income in this way - and that the public has been deprived of news.

Police on May Day adopted what officers unofficially call the "kettle" tactic - partitioning demonstrators into blocks. The Freelance suspects a "kettle" is where one puts protesters until they come to the boil. Journalists trapped in among the protest they were trying to report were certainly simmering - especially when, as some members report, letters from Sky News appeared to get much more attention from police than did NUJ Press Cards.

If you were also detained on May Day - or in similar circumstances on another occasion - please do contact Freelance Organiser John Toner at Head Office, urgently.

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