Researchers at the University of Sheffield want to include freelance journalists within their study of the self-employed. The study will focus on both the positive and negative aspects of this type of work.

We would like to hear from anybody who is interested in being involved in the study. Initially participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire and then subsequently a shorter set of questions about their work experiences on a regular basis. This may be completed through a web site. All information will be treated confidentially and reports from the study will be sent to participants. There may be an opportunity for participants to join together in a discussion group if there is sufficient demand for this.

As well as contributing to research on an increasingly important topic, the results will be used to develop ways of helping overcome any problems associated with freelance working that the research unveils.

The study is being conducted by Professors Toby Wall and Stephen Wood, Dr Peter Totterdell and Mr Malcolm Patterson. If you are interested in participating or require further information please contact Ms. Vicky Welton on 0114 222 3252 or

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