You may already have won...

Register now to get your share of £1·3M

YOU COULD be getting extra money for your work - just for the price of a stamp and finding time to fill in a form. Even if it's only a few euros, it's a fair rate per hour...

How? For example: companies that photocopy press cuttings for their staff pay a licence fee. If you register, you can get a proportionate share of that fee, representing the words or pictures of yours that were included in the total pool of copying income.

You also get a share of income from such "secondary uses" in a growing list of other countries. Your share is estimated in a similar way to the Public Lending Right payments to book authors. Of course, it applies only to work in which you did not sign away all rights!

All you have to do is register with ALCS (the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society) if you're a writer, or DACS (the Design and Artists Copyright Society) if you're a photographer, videographer, illustrator or cartoonist. Registration with either is free to NUJ members. To get the form, send an SAE to the Freelance Office, saying which you want. Do it now!

Last year DACS had £300,000 to distribute. ALCS receives about £150,000 a year for journalists, and it has nearly £1M waiting to be distributed to us - much of it for people who've not yet registered.

Though photocopying is the main source, European legislation is expanding the list of "secondary uses" that you get paid for. For example, image-makers can (or will soon) get payments for repeats and rentals of TV shows that used your pictures.

Collecting some of this money involves the NUJ declaring that yes, members do (in general) license their images for such "secondary uses". If you want to opt out of this licence, write to the Freelance Office saying so.

Of course neither DACS nor the NUJ can license "primary uses" - your work appearing in new publications and programmes. Only you can do that.

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