They want your copy, not your copyright...

EDINBURGH Freelance Branch members Tony Haresign and Thom Dibdin have set up a new syndication agency to put together words and pictures as packages.

The new agency is using its website at to sell editorial to print media. The pair are looking for more freelance writers and photographers. "We need strong copy and photographs, but we don't necessarily need them from the same person," explains Tony. "If someone's got a good story which lacks photos, or visa versa, our speciality is finding those photos and then licensing the whole package."

"At the moment we are concentrating on UK stories," adds Thom. "But there is no reason why we can't expand. And just because we specialise in providing features ready for print, it doesn't stop us passing commissions back to our contributors." Findafeature are NUJ and Creators' Rights Alliance Friendly.

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