Make more money

Beatle George Harrison's death gave an unexpected opportunity to one participant on the NUJ course "Negotiating Rates for Freelances" to put into practice the skills discussed.

Just a couple of days after coming on the course, Veronique Mistiaen took a phone call from the San Francisco Chronicle one of her regular outlets, at around 9pm. Could she get along to the Abbey Road Studios to collect quotes from mourners?

She couldn't - but she passed the job on to one of the course tutors, Humphrey Evans. On top of that she offered to negotiate the deal: a couple of hours work, a staff writer byline and $150 slowly winging its way Londonwards. Done, dusted and at least half as much again as Humphrey would have settled for.

So the course does pay off at least for the tutors. To find out about the next running of the course "Make more money: negotiating rates for freelances" contact the NU) Training Department at Head Office by post, fax on 020 7837 8143, or email at

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