Rebuilding Docklands unions

FOR YEARS the media companies have had the whip hand, derecognising and weakening trade unions. As a consequence, freelances and casuals as well as staff have seen their pay and conditions eroded. But now things are starting to change - and no more so than in Docklands, the Fleet Street of east London.

Editorial workers at the Independent and Independent on Sunday won back union recognition late last year and printers at Westferry won concessions on redundancies after voting for action. At Newsfax International printers and at newspaper and magazine companies in the area, media workers are campaigning for their union rights. This surge in union activity comes at a time when journalists in West Yorkshire and at the Express and Star won pay rises after voting for industrial action.

It's time to organise and rebuild our unions: so the Independent NUJ chapel and the Newsfax International chapel of the Graphical, Paper Media Union have called a meeting of all media workers, staff and freelance, in Docklands area companies. It's at 6.30pm on Tuesday 30 April, at the Docklands Sailing Centre, Westferry Road, London E14 (next to Westferry Printers). Speakers include NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear and GPMU general secretary Tony Dubbins.

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