Branch member made member of honour

LFB member Pat Healy was made a Member of Honour of the union at this year's Annual Delegate Meeting.

Pat's membership of honour was proposed by Press and PR Branch, mainly in recognition of how, in the 1980s, she sacrificed her job as Social Services Correspondent on The Times by refusing to cross the picket lines during the infamous Wapping dispute.

But there is much more to Pat than that. Over the years she's proved herself to the sort of person the Union depends on to keep going. She's held numerous offices - as chair of the Ethics and Equality Council, as Mother of the Chapel, as an NEC member and now as part of that tireless body without which the ADM just wouldn't happen, the Standing Orders Committee.

And if you've been attending Branch meetings and wonder why you haven't seen her, it's because she combines all this, with earning her living and with being a Labour Councillor in North Kensington (whose the meetings clash with those of the Branch).

The Union simply couldn't exist without people like Pat - so wherever you are when you read this, raise a glass or a coffee cup to our new Member of Honour - Pat Healy.

Pat's presentation (sort of)
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