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THE NUJ's longest negotiations seem to be nearing an end, although the conclusion is as yet unknown. For around four years, the NUJ has been trying to persuade the BBC to drop its demand for all rights from freelance contributors to talks and features.

Some progress has been made. Although the demand for copyright assignment has been dropped, the BBC is insisting on "an exclusive licence of the complete copyright and all other rights for all purposes (including use in all media now known or which may hereafter become known) everywhere in the contributions for the full period of copyright and any extensions, revivals or renewals thereof."

Clearly, this has the same effect as assigning copyright.

In order to tempt us to agree, the BBC has offered an increase in fees from £25.50 per minute to £33 per minute.

However, the NUJ's position, supported by the Annual Delegate Meeting, is that we cannot agree to such a contract. Negotiations are continuing. In order to discuss this situation more fully with members, we have arranged a series of meetings to which all freelances who contribute to BBC talks and features are invited. These meetings are:

  • STUC offices, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, 28 June, 3pm;
  • The Folk House, 40a Park Street, Bristol, 1 July, 7pm;
  • Headland House, 308 Gray's Inn Road, London, 15 July, 6:30pm;
  • Peterloo Room, Mechanics Institute, Princess St, Manchester. 1 August, 7pm.
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