Terms tested

THE JUNE Branch meeting heard an interesting range of individual success stories from members resisting rights grabs. One had stood firm in the face of the full range of a BBC producer's arguments. When these crescendoed in "you'll never work here again" she calmly replied that radio didn't pay anyway... and still owns her tapes. BBC Worldwide has commissioned written work on the basis that "as it's you, we will accept that you won't give us your copyright". The Guardian has commissioned work with a modified contract that excludes the bulk "lifting rights" it sells on for flat fees.

A member received two commissioning letters from EMAP's Active division, one grabbing rights and one not - so, not unnaturally, accepted the latter. And he's been re-commissioned since by the editor who wanted all rights. Even a website covering a performing art, once notorious for its "all rights and your firstborn" policy, has started taking work on a one-use licence from contributors who ask.

So do.

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