Press release 1 July 2002

Payback 2002 - Claim it!

It's Payback time! Photographers in the UK who have had work reproduced on television or in books or magazines can make a claim for Payback 2002. The money for Payback 2002 comes from the copyright fees for secondary uses of artistic works, which are collected by DACS on behalf of all visual artists. The Design and Artists Copyright Society is the copyright body in the UK that protects the rights of visual artists. DACS works closely with artists' organisations including NUJ to represent the widest possible community of visual creators and to raise awareness of Payback.

"DACS was delighted with the response from photographers to the Payback 2001 campaign", says Joanna Cave, DACS Chief Executive. Photographers are becoming increasingly aware of this source of copyright income and we look forward to receiving more claims from photographers in Payback 2002."

Many photographers are familiar with copyright licensing for primary uses of their work. The money available to claim through Payback 2002 is generated by the secondary uses of artistic works. These uses - such as the off-air recording of television programmes or photocopying of published materials - are often difficult or impossible to control on an individual basis. Typically, these uses are licensed collectively under blanket licensing schemes. There are several such schemes in the UK, and DACS has campaigned for many years to collect a share of the money generated for visual artists from these schemes.

Eventually, persistence paid off and the money available to claim in Payback 2002 has been collected by DACS from a number of schemes in the UK licensing secondary uses of television programmes and published materials. This year, DACS will also be distributing revenue from photocopying for the first time. This addition to the Payback fund has helped to push this year's total past the £500,000 mark.

Payback 2002 is now under way. Advertising inviting you to "Claim it!" is appearing in visual arts magazines and in flyers, and visual arts organisations are distributing this year's claim forms. DACS is trying to reach the widest possible audience to spread the Payback message. As Joanna Cave, Chief Executive of DACS points out, "People may not realise that they qualify for money through Payback but it is worth submitting a claim: last year, some claims ran to thousands of pounds." In Payback 2001, 17 of the 50 most successful claimants were photographers.

Payback is yet another good reason why photographers should retain their rights. Through links with organisations like DACS there is the chance to influence how your rights are licensed, and by making a claim to Payback, there is an opportunity to earn some money from licensing schemes. As long as you know when a work was broadcast on television or published in a book or magazine a claim can be filed. You do not need to be a member of DACS to claim.

Contact DACS for a claim form or download one through the website - If you have claimed before and your contact information hasn't changed, a claim form will be sent to you automatically. The deadline for submitting claims is 30th September 2002.

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