Who killed Marty, or Georgy?

THE NUJ is marking the first anniversary of the murder of member Martin O'Hagan - by asking questions. It's what he would have wanted. Why has there been so little progress in the police investigation? Is it in fact the case that when he was killed on the evening of 28 September 2001 Martin was investigating links between paramilitaries and the police or security services?

[Martin O'Hagan]
Martin O'Hagan on the Belfast May Day rally in 2001(© Kevin Cooper)
Martin was the first journalist to be killed in Northern Ireland because of his work as a journalist. Yet the British media have made more of the killing of Veronica Guerin in Dublin in 1996 than they have of his death. Immediate coverage in Berlin, Delhi and Paris was more incisive than that in London.

More questions. Are British editors afraid of Northern Ireland stories, or just careless? Are any of the suspects in his murder currently or formerly police or security force informers or intelligence agents? Was anyone aware of threats against Martin before his murder and if so who, and was he told?

[Gyorgy Gongadze]
Georgy Gongadze (© Ukrainska Pravda)
The NUJ is also asking questions about the disappearance of Georgy Gongadze in the Ukraine on 16 September 2002 and the discovery of his headless body. At the Ukrainian Embassy in London on 16 September members protested about the lack of investigation.

Do the tapes of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma berating Gongadze prove a plot? LFB Co-Vice-Chair Simon Pirani may go to Strasbourg to press the Council of Europe for a fully independent international inquiry. The Ukrainska Pravda, the website that Georgy founded, is marking the anniversary with an English edition.

Read yet more questions about Marty's killing and about Gyorgy Gongadze's...

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